Binh Nguyen

Used Cars Prospect

Binh Nguyen

Binh is a big part of the Northpoint family and with 17 years with the company, he knows his stuff. With a permanent smile on his face, Binh is always passionate and helpful with every guest.

Binh Nguyen

About Binh

Year Started at Northpoint:   1999

Languages Spoken:   English & Vietnamese

Favourite Vehicle:   Ferrari

Interests:   Motorbikes and family with teenage childern

Contact Binh  0401674885

Guest Experience Rating

Rated 4.0/5 based on 23 reviews

Customer Feedback

Elizabeth - Mar 2016

Binh and David went above and beyond to be helpful. Thank you.

Michel W. - Oct 2015

Binh was very professional , and took the time to let me make a decision ( wasn't too pushy ) and went out of the way to ensure that I had the opportunity to get all into , and consider the vehicle before purchase.



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