How to be a Smart New Car Buyer

It's a great feeling when you've decided on a brand new car. Pretty soon, you'll be breathing in that amazing new-car smell, marvelling at the absence of those rattles and clunks, and revelling in the envious looks as you cruise the streets.

However, new car buying can actually be so exciting that it's easy to give in to emotion or impulse and grab yourself a raw deal that you'll regret for years. So how do you become a smart new car buyer?  Here's some advice:

Get what you need

It sounds obvious, but once you start browsing those showrooms and checking out model ranges and their specifications, it can be easy to lose focus on what you actually need for your lifestyle. Were you actually looking for a sports hatch rather than that trendy SUV? Do your research and find out what the difference between an AWD Kluger or a 4x4 Prado when you may only need a vehicle for weekend trips away combined with city driving?

It might actually be easy to match your smart car choice with your extracurricular lifestyle with add-on accessories, like nudge bars, bike carriers, ski holders, roof racks, tow bars, weather shields and more. So make sure you explore every exciting avenue available when buying a new car so that it fits your lifestyle - without getting carried away with an emotional purchase that busts the budget. Which brings us to an important step - determine your budget after you have a short which list of brands and models. This will help you refine to just a few choices.

You may also you may want to consider a Demonstrator which often is only months old with very low kms and all the benefits of a new car but with a large discount.

Test Drive, visit a dealership

While we all love to search the Internet, unlike many consumer products a car is not something you want to buy without seeing it or testing it. Be sure you also search for the Dealer you think will best suit your location and needs but not just for the sales process. Talk to the Sales consultants, take the vehicle on a test drive and ask questions. Make sure they offer a happy experience and a long term relationship that advantages you. Walk away of you feel pressured or have an uneasy feeling about the Dealership. Price is not the main factor in car purchasing.

Get the right deal

If you're buying a brand new car, chances are you may want to trade in your existing car. While everyone loves buying a new car, private selling can be a real hassle. Most people do this as they believe dealers offer very low prices on trade-ins. This is not always true because a smart buyer can leverage the value of the trade-in with other benefits, not necessarily a price reduction. The time and stress saved in trading your old vehicle make a lot of sense. Which brings us to how to pay for your new car? Have you cash, looking at a bank or private loan or considering financing through the dealership? Many think Dealership finance is expensive and high-interest rates but this is not the case with the options offered.

One great finance option is called Toyota Access. Not only will it take care of your finance, but once the loan term is over you can choose to keep, return or trade in the car. The future re-sale value of a new car is a big worry for new-car buyers, but Toyota Access’s guaranteed Future value will ensure you know what we will give you for it when you move on.

The concept of the how you can actually pay less after say 3 years when you may want to upgrade from a Corolla to a RAV4. This is can be described as the customer life cycle where your vehicle and its equity can help you trade up to a newer model or grade and reduce your weekly payments. You get the latest upgrades and technology, capped price service and reduce other costs like the need to replace tyres.

Take care of servicing

Getting the car you really want and need is one thing, but it's a long-term investment that you also need to look after. This is done by getting your car regularly serviced - but all car servicing is not equal. At Toyota, technicians are qualified experts who undergo training every year to ensure they refresh and update their skills and knowledge especially for new model updates. Unlike independent dealers, Toyota dealerships have all the compatible tools and diagnostic equipment.

Toyota Genuine Service is just one of the lifetime of advantages offered when buying a new Toyota, providing access to the best care for your car with a low, capped price so you aren't caught out by rising costs from one service to the next.

Beware the hidden costs

Often your hours of searching for the best deal can result in feeling quite happy that you've found a great price. But is it really a great deal? There could be hefty, hidden dealer delivery costs buried beneath the headline price? Check to see if it’s a “Dive Away” price first, this is very important. Most new car pricing now should display this price with no conditions apply apteryx next to it. IN the price should be included stamp duty, dealer delivery, 12 months registration and government charges.

You may be able to negotiate on dealer delivery but the best way to reduce costs is to talk to the dealership about finance deals and of course as mentioned before considering a life-cycle choice like Toyota Access.

So the final step when buying a new car is to double check that every box is ticked. Give it a test drive, check all the features you need are on board, make sure your insurance is in order before driving away, and don't forget to enjoy that luxurious whiff of new car smell before pulling into the driveway for the very first time!