Toyota Dealerships - A One Stop Shop

Gone are those days when a Car Dealership just sells you a car and you never deal with them again. Sure you may be loyal and get your car serviced there for convenience but many car buyers these days waste a lot of personal time researching and seeking 3rd party services like finance, insurance and accessories.

If you have been thinking about buying a new car through a Toyota dealership you may be surprised by the wide range of services now on offer. When you buy through a dealership every facet of your new car purchase is taken care of, from finding the right vehicle lifestyle and finance fit through to capped price servicing and setting up your Bluetooth.

Vehicle Selection Technology

Toyota introduced the innovative Showroom 360 technology (pictured above) to assist customers in finding the ideal vehicle from their range to suit their needs. The software has been designed to be able to showcase every possible vehicle combination, including grade, colour and accessories. It offers the ultimate real-time user experience for Toyota customers with no lag. Together with the showroom display, Northpoint's own website has impressive vehicle model display options to spin the car and change your colour and grade preferences.

Affordable finance

Toyota Finance is the world’s biggest vehicle lender so can offer affordable and trusted finance solutions to suit every customer’s lifestyle. With competitive comparison rates and the various loan options amiable like Toyota Access (guaranteed future value of your car), there is a flexible solution for you that can be approved the same or next day. Northpoint will also offer to help you understand where your vehicle is at it in terms of its current value and future costs, to help you decide when the most financially beneficial time to consider changing your vehicle might be. We call this a Lifecycle Check-up.

Genuine Accessories

Not everyone wants a stock standard vehicle off the assembly line. Dealerships can arrange for a vast array of additions to suit your tastes or lifestyle. Whether you need tinting, roof racks or headlight protectors or even colour decals on the C-HR, a specialised pre-delivery consultant can help you through this process. Rather than buying aftermarket, accessories through a Toyota dealership come with guaranteed compatibility, warranty and Toyotas’ genuine parts quality. 

Integration with apps and reminders

Toyota has recently upped their technology offering with a new MyToyota app and Toyota Link which helps you manage all your vehicles information and service history and reminders. As part of our service a sales consultant will guide our Guests through all the various features of new Toyotas including apps like SatNav, and how to set safety features like the Pre-collision warning system can add that extra protection. Your vehicle can also communicate with our Toyota link and navigation apps to send messages straight to your dash or touchscreen. And of course helping you to sync your phone contacts the car’s Bluetooth.

Convenience – we cover everything

If you need to have your vehicle serviced or an insurance replacement vehicle at Toyota dealerships, you can arrange short-term vehicle rental for a very competitive price. It's our committment to make your experience with Northpoint Toyota fuss-free and a memorable experience.
When we get feedback like... "They dropped me home while the car was being serviced and dropped the car home to me when it was done. Straight forward service, no issues." It explains what our values and commitment is to our guests.

Buying a car should be one of the most enjoyable events in your life. We take care of all the small things from helping you get into the vehicle to suit your lifestyle and finances to organising pickups or loan cars when you need it for service or test drives.

In Conclusion

The way you buy a car and interact with a modern Toyota dealership has evolved over time to allow our guests to not have to run around. You don’t need to go to a bank for finance, an insurance company for Insurance, the RAA for roadside assist or to an aftermarket supplier for parts and accessories. You don’t need to organise transport for servicing and you certainly don’t need to worry about what to do in 3 years when your warranty or finance ends. A Toyota dealership like Northpoint can be your one stop shop for all these services.