Why Buy from Northpoint

Northpoint has been around for over 30 years, beginning as one humble dealership and over many years expanding to become one of Adelaide’s biggest family owned businesses with multi franchise dealerships and service centres spreading from metropolitan Adelaide to the far north of South Australia and South West Queensland.

Why are we different?

We are a family business, begun by Robert Hoey and his wife Di in 1984 and managed by other senior family members, it’s a huge investment and part of their life, not just a business. This guides the culture in so that their passion and commitment translates to employees and customers as being their highest priority. When this is instilled in the way a company is managed it creates a great culture of loyal, passionate staff. To achieve this we need to acquire a great reputation and that’s where our customers become the number one priority with feedback essential to getting it right.

Northpoint provides services to remote cities like Port Augusta and Port Pirie, Moomba and Olympic Dam. We even have our own convenience store in Moomba to provide groceries and essentials for truckies and people living in this harsh environment where simple amenities we are used to in the cities are generally lacking. We have multiple brands such as Toyota (our flagship), Ford, Kia and Hino as well as a very significant Fleet Management division that services some of Australia’s biggest companies in remote areas. In a nutshell the Northpoint brand has made a lasting mark in many communities and people’s lives for over 3 decades.

Memorable Experiences

The power of creating memorable experiences is significant. Northpoint staff go out of their way to ensure everyone who we interact with experiences that ‘Oh What a Feeling’ moment.

When you pick up your new vehicle, it’s special, it’s significant and exciting. Our sales consultants go above and beyond with finding new ideas on how to create that “wow” moment. Some reactions are priceless as the new vehicle is revealed, some with bows, a plaque or 10 staff photo bombing that moment.  Or as you can see from this picture, some customers just like us to share some fun.

At the end of the day we all know, like so many other dealerships, Northpoint’s core business is selling cars and service. There’s so many dealers selling more vehicle brands than ever so we need to offer something different, something special that’s more than a discount or throwing in a free carwash. We get to know you, we are genuinely interested in your lifestyle and how we can help to enrich it by providing the perfect transport solution. That may be a zippy small car, a fuel saving hybrid, a tradies work mate, a sports car or 7 seater for larger families. Or are you a secret adventurer who morphs from the weekday kid’s drop-off servant to a wild off-road adventurer? So many choices to make can be very challenging but our sales staff will take you on that journey to be sure it’s the right outcome.


It’s not an obligation, it’s not because it’s expected. Northpoint truly love to help and support many clubs and charities because we ourselves are a part of this community and it affect our lives directly as well. Each year our CEO participates in the Might River Run to support Novita, an amazing organisation that offers rehabilitation and expert facilities for children with disabilities. We participate and organise tree planting with local schools and support and sponsor local sports clubs and schools. One of our African employees provides all sorts of interesting ways to support the village in the Conga where he emigrated from. We all get involved to help him.

Our Way

We have what you could call a slogan at Northpoint which is that we believe the success of our business depends on understanding and satisfying the needs of you, the consumer.

At the end of the day Northpoint is not about silly gimmicks, flamboyant TV Ad personalities or giving away free fuel cards when you buy a car. Our mission is to help you through a journey, by making your vehicle purchase a happy and memorable experience for years down the track, from nurturing you through major services to when you are ready to update to that new model. Our staff will come and chat when you are booked for a service, drive you to work if needed, throw in some free detailing and keep you informed of new promotions.

It’s the assurance of knowing we provide the best-qualified technicians anywhere in the auto industry with OEM backed quality standards. Together with being accredited with the converted 5 Star Guest Experience Dealership award by Toyota and so many factors that set us apart from the crowd, Northpoint provide an experience and guidance through a very important part of people’s lives.

Cars are an integral part of most of our lives now so choosing the right partner to guide you through this journey is a significant decision.

Tree Day with a Crow helping Out
Northpoint Tree Day with a Crow helping Out
Sales staff are multi-purpose!
Sales consultants are multi-purpose!