Josh Dohnal

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Josh Dohnal

Josh prides himself on not just being here to sell cars, but to help guests find the right vehicle and hopefully have a good time doing it. He's only been in sales for two years but says he sees that as an advantage as he's not held back by bad habits. My hobbies are my passions. Including Footy, art, movies, food, wine, travel & socialising.

Josh Dohnal

About Josh

Year Started at Northpoint:   2013

Languages Spoken:   English

Favourite Vehicle:   Landcruiser 200

Interests:   Footy, getting out & being social. Anything sci-fi. Love to travel and see other cultures as well as enjoying their food & wine.

Twice Salesman of the Month - Josh is currently acting Sales Manager at Windsor Gardens!

Contact Josh  0448103309

Guest Experience Rating

Rated 4.6/5 based on 35 reviews

Customer Feedback

Beth S. - Mar 2017

Josh knows his job! As with all my experiences at Northpoint Toyota, I was very happy with this process. I could not be happier with my experience with Northpoint and will continue to recommend this firm to others! I have already recommended Northpoint to some friends and relations.

Rowena M - Jul 2016

Josh Dohnal is very friendly, genuine and have an excellent customer service skilled. Well done Josh... kept up the good work. Thank you Josh and Tony for your friendly, excellent, helpful and efficient customer service.

Peter H - Jul 2016

Josh was wonderful - professional and friendly. We were very happy with our purchase.

Carolyn G - Feb 2016

Josh was always very friendly and polite and made us feel we were making a special purchase. having a look on the internet to see if there was anything and found the car we ended up buying. So thank you Josh so far I have enjoyed driving the car.



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