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Environmental Policy at Northpoint Toyota

Northpoint & Our Environment

Welcome to Northpoint Toyota’s Action for Climate Change. Through partnership with Conservation Volunteers Australia Northpoint has joined the action for climate change. Climate change is a massive global issue. All of us need to consider reducing our footprint on the world.

How we can all help

Northpoint Toyota’s Action for Climate Change is a partnership with CVA to help our private and business customers reduce their carbon (greenhouse gas) emissions. Some of these can be as simple and easy as changing a habit. While others ask us to consider greener alternatives when it comes to our choice of vehicles.

One tree needs up to 70 years to absorb its potential amount of carbon, and while all of us can’t avoid carbon emissions, Northpoint Toyota’s Action for Climate Change ‘carbon forests’ and ‘ecosystem rejuvenation projects’ gives us an effective way to help the environment.

This is just one of more than 2,000 conservation projects undertaken across Australia and New Zealand every year. Action for Climate Change Director, Ian Smith has a simple message, “If you take climate change seriously then it is time to act. We welcome Northpoint Toyota as a major supporter of the Action for Climate Change program and look forward to making a real difference together”.

The Principles

The principles of Northpoint Toyota’s Action for Climate Change are simple; to encourage our staff and clients to actively reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions created in our daily lives. This will be achieved by providing information on ways to run your car more efficiently and therefore reduce the amount of emissions to the atmosphere. Northpoint Toyota will also provide you with the opportunity to offset the emissions you can’t reduce through the establishment of a series of carbon forests.

Major forests within this series meet the accreditation guidelines under the Greenhouse Friendly program managed by the Australian Department for Climate Change. This means that the number of trees and rates of growth are independently monitored and the carbon absorbed can be accurately quantified.

We can also:

Ensure the long term protection of carbon forests via conservation covenants and legally enforceable agreements with land owners. Ensure the trees planted are indigenous to the local area. This means that in addition to absorbing carbon the forests increase local biodiversity & provide habitat for insects, birds and wildlife. Announce annually the amount of carbon offset by the Action for Climate Change program.

Northpoint Toyota’s green target

Northpoint Toyota has committed to:

Encouraging staff and clients to volunteer their help to rejuvenate project sites.
Encourage our staff and clients to join Action for Climate Change to do their individual part in helping our environment.

Donate independent funds to Conservation Volunteers Australia each month, irrespective of how many vehicles we sell. Reducing our carbon footprint by 10%.

Northpoint Toyota’s Wyndgate Homestead and Tarr Property Projects

Northpoint Toyota’s generous support has helped establish the ‘rejuvenation project sites’ of Wyndgate and Tarr properties situated on a south eastern area of Hindmarsh Island where trees are being planted along with the natural habitat being redeveloped to protect and maintain native wildlife and plant species in this fragile local ecosystem.

Both properties were purchased by the Department for Environment & Heritage to restore the biodiversity, following extensive land clearing for Paddle Steamer fuel in the late 1800’s and, more recently, farming. Volunteers will be given the opportunity to help, hands-on, collecting local indigenous seeds as well as propagating and planting. In addition to improving the ecosystem you’ll be helping to save the endangered Orange Bellied Parrot.

Urban Habitat Program 2011

On the 31st July 2011, Northpoint Toyota and Conservation Volunteers launched a new partnership with the Land Management Corporation (LMC) and the Campbelltown City Council to contribute to a new program in South Australia called the Urban Habitat Program. This program is located at Lochiel Park which has been transformed from a former education institution to model green village incorporating a raft of best practice sustainable technologies.

Lochiel Park will serve as a model for other urban developments and assist in educating the public and the property development industry about sustainable housing and land development. Over 10 hectares have been incorporated as parklands and are protected by legislation against future development and it is this area that the partnership will focus its efforts in rehabilitating and the ongoing management of the land.

Join Northpoint Toyota’s Action for Climate Change

By joining Action for Climate Change your support will create:

  • A network of accredited carbon forest project sites
  • Ongoing development of more rejuvenated sites and helping with ecosystem resilience in the face of climate change
  • Support for species threatened by climate change You’ll receive in recognition
  • A membership certificate, bumper sticker & regular email updates
  • An annual, fully deductible tax receipt for your total donation.

To join Northpoint Toyota’s Action for Climate Change

  1. Click to calculate your vehicles carbon emissions
  2. Choose to offset your carbon emissions over a 1, 2 or 3 year program at $25 per ton per year.    
  3. Your vehicles emissions are per year. Your contribution per year is ($25 per ton of emission)
  4. Contact us to express your interest and one of our sales representatives will help you offset your vehicles emissions.