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How to be a Smart New Car Buyer

It's a great feeling when you've decided on a brand new car. Pretty soon, you'll be breathing in that amazing new-car smell, marveling at the absence of those rattles and clunks, and reveling in the envious looks as you cruise the streets.

However, new car buying can actually be so exciting that it's easy to give in to emotion or impulse and grab yourself a raw deal that you'll regret for years. So how do you become a smart new car buyer? Here's some advice:

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Car Servicing – The bar has been raised

For those old enough to remember, servicing your car in the 20th century was a hit and miss challenge. Vehicle owners had this idea that it was better to befriend your local service station mechanic or the owner of a small mechanical service business that “specialised” in your vehicle make.

Things have definitely changed since the bad old days of car servicing.

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Buying the right car- Where do I begin?

Have you had those moments? Those micro moments when you are packing the family car or small SUV for a trip away and realise you just can’t fit everything in anymore. Something in your life has changed, a new child perhaps or maybe one or two have left home and the car’s now too big? So many of these moments can trigger a thought like ”wouldn’t it be nice if”…


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Bluetooth in Cars – The Future is Here Now!

When I stepped into a new car with Bluetooth three years ago my world changed, well my driving experience did and I can never go back to a non-Bluetooth vehicle. Most of the time you don’t know it’s there, it just does stuff you expect these days. However the basic features of having Bluetooth in your veicle has moved on and there are some really cool things manufacturers are providing that really do change the way we commute for the better.

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Why Service your car with a Dealer

There's a common assumption that servicing your vehicle with one of many 3rd party service outlets or independent mechanics is better value than the dealer franchise networks. Many drivers are dismissing the option of using their dealership without even checking their prices. Dealer servicing has evolved and become much more competitive especially with capped pricing; here are some of the facts which may convince you that servicing with your dealer is better for you and your vehicle in the long run.

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