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Toyota is  producing hybrid vehicles that deliver driving pleasure, performance, fuel economy and low emissions. 

Toyota has a long-term commitment to producing hybrid vehicles that deliver driving pleasure, performance, fuel economy and low emissions. In the future, Toyota sees Hybrid Synergy Drive technology extending across its full range of vehicles. In Australia, the range continues to grow, with hybrid model variants available for the Camry and Corolla models and now the 2019 RAV4.

Hybrid Range

Hybrid Overview

How Hybrid Works

Hybrid Synergy Drive® is smart technology, telling the car when to switch between petrol and electric power and when to combine both for maximum efficiency, which guarantees a high level of on-road performance while minimising fuel consumption and pollution from exhaust gases. When the petrol engine is running, it charges the battery and when the car brakes, energy that most cars waste as heat lost during braking, is converted to electricity for the car to use later. Because the battery receives plenty of charge from the petrol engine when coasting and from the regenerative braking system when slowing down, our hybrid cars never need plugging in to a mains supply.

Hybrid Synergy Drive®

Toyota’s exclusive Hybrid Synergy Drive® is a full Hybrid System. That is, it uses two motors in harmony with each other - a battery-powered electric motor and a petrol-driven combustion engine. Unlike the motors in many other hybrid cars, both the petrol and the electric motors in the Hybrid Synergy Drive® system can power the car alone or in combination. The seamless power sharing between the petrol engine and electric motor enabled by our full hybrid technology makes exceptional fuel savings possible while reducing emissions compared to similar sized vehicles. In slow traffic for instance, when a Toyota hybrid car cruise on electric power alone, it creates zero emissions and uses no petrol.

Hybrid Performance

Hybrid Synergy Drive® delivers remarkable fuel efficiency without compromising performance. The intelligent energy management system seamlessly synergises the car's petrol engine with its electric motor. So that each power unit either supports the other or takes over completely, depending on the driving situation. Unlike some other hybrids, the electric motor in our Hybrid Synergy Drive® system generates enough power to drive the car on its own. This means the petrol engine isn't needed at ignition or low speed. It kicks in whenever you call for more power when you accelerate hard, or cruise at high speed. And because the battery is kept charged through normal driving and recaptured energy from braking and deceleration, it provides all the power the electric motor will ever need, without ever plugging into the mains. All of which gives you an uncompromised solution - maximum performance with all the power you need, along with minimum emissions and incredible fuel efficiency.

Hybrid Batteries

The hybrid battery is a pretty substantial piece of kit, generating and sustaining sufficient voltage to power a car in low speed situations, without any support from the petrol engine. As you drive, you automatically recharge the hybrid battery when you brake or slow down - one reason why you never have to plug into the mains for a re-charge. While the production of powerful hybrid batteries has a small, additional impact on the environment, testing has shown that this is more than compensated for by the environmental benefits of driving a Toyota hybrid car. Add to this, the long battery life expectancy and our commitment to recycling, and you can see why our hybrid cars have earned worldwide recognition as efficient vehicles. Extend your coverage each year for up to 10 years on Hybrid Batteries* with an annual hybrid health check inspection according to Toyota specifications.

How Hybrid Works - Video

Narrated video animation explaining the workings of Toyota's Synergy Drive and how energy is captured and consumed in a Hybrid vehicle.

Toyota Hybrid  Service Advantage

    When you buy a new Toyota Hybrid, you don't have to worry about unexpected and astronomical service costs. Every Toyota across the range comes with a low capped price service cost for a set number of years/kilometres[T1]. You'll pay the same low price from one logbook service to the next. It's just one example of the advantages of Toyota ownership that Northpoint Toyota are proud to offer.

 Our Toyota trained tehnicians are best qualified to servive your Hybrid. To check Hybrid capped price services, visit the Pricing & Eligibility page.


[T1] Maximum payable for standard scheduled servicing (normal operating conditions). Excludes Goverment, Rental, Fleet Not for Profit and Toyota Employee Family Vehicle Purchase vehicles

*10 years and unlimited Kms is applicable to new Hybrid vehicles delivered on or after 01/01/2019. The standard Toyota Warranty Advantage period is for 8 years/160,000kms (whichever occurs first), for vehilces delivered prior to this date. This warranty does not limit and may not necessarily exceed your rights under the Australian Consumer Law.

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