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Our Team at Northpoint Toyota

Meet the Team

At Northpoint Toyota we are committed to creating memorable experiences - It's 'The Northpoint Way'!

Robert Hoey

Robert Hoey - Owner

Robert formed Northpoint Toyota in 1984, a business that was very different from today. He began with 20 employees selling 30 vehicles per month from one location. Robert has achieved much since those times including a stint as board member for Port Power FC. Today Robert enjoys golf, travelling and spending time with his grand children. He is still as passionate about Northpoint as he was over 30 years ago.  

Ben Goldsmith

Ben Goldsmith - CEO and Principal

Since 2004 Ben has held multiple leadership positions within the Northpoint team. Ben has a wealth of experience both within and outside the Automotive industry and is passionate about creating a positive environment full of memorable experiences for everyone who comes into contact with Northpoint.

Phil Ailion

Phil Ailion - General Manager

Phil has been with Northpoint for over 22 years contributing in many areas of the business and huge growth in our fleet management services. Phil oversees some very big fleet operations with a huge responsibility in ensuring some of our iconic Australian companies like BHP and Santos remain satisfied customers.  In 2016 Phil was given the additional responsibilities of  managing our Service & Parts departments.

Brendan Eime

Brendan Eime - Branch Manager Prospect

Brendan began his careers at Northpoint in 2003 as a sales trainee. In that time he has served in many diverse sales roles and taken on large responsibilities. Brendan's experience and achievements coupled with knowledge of Toyota and other brands equips him with the perfect background for the Branch Manager role (GM).

Ben Glover

Ben Glover  - Branch Manager Hillcrest

Ben has worked at Northpoint for many years and now leads our team as Hillcrest branch manager.  

Tony Robinson

Tony Robinson - General Manager Pt Augusta

Tony has been in the auto industry for over 27 years and has vast experience and knowledge in vehicle sales and finance. Tony has filled numerous management roles such as Sales Manager, Finance and Insurance Manager and Fleet Finance Manager at various Northpoint locations including other dealerships earlier in his career. 

Travis Ryan

Travis Ryan  - New Car Sales Manager Prospect

Travis served his apprenticeship in sales for many years and has wonderful mentoring and leadership skills. Travis is Sales Manager for our Hillcrest Toyota Dealership. Travis is easy going and fun to work with.

Allan Gurney

Allan Gurney - Sales Manager Hillcrest

Allan has worked for Northpoint for many years and is now the manager of our sales team at Hillcrest.