Toyota  FJ Cruiser Accessories

Toyota Genuine Accessories from Northpoint Toyota are designed to integrate perfectly with your FJ Cruiser for a better fit, styling and performance. They also meet Toyota's stringent engineering and testing standards for maximum quality assurance.

FJ Cruiser Cargo Mat - All Weather Rubber

FJ Cruiser Cargo Mat - All Weather Rubber

The Toyota Genuine all-weather rubber Cargo Mat is moulded to fit in your FJ Cruiser, offering maximum coverage and protection. The all-weather Cargo Mat features a multi-dimensional surface and perimeter "lip", designed to help keep your valuable cargo clean and dry by containing dirt, debris and liquids.

FJ Cruiser Floor Mats - Carpet (Front & Rear)

 FJ Cruiser Floor Mats - Carpet (Front & Rear)

Toyota Genuine Floor Mats are custom-tailored to fit your FJ Cruiser's floor pattern and are easy to remove and clean. The carpet Floor Mats are constructed of plush polypropylene carpet, are colour-coordinated to your vehicle's interior and include an embroidered FJ Cruiser logo. Positive retention clips and a non-slip backing help keep the mats in position, protecting your carpet from premature wear and stains.

FJ Cruiser Floor Mats - Rubber

FJ Cruiser Floor Mats - Rubber

Toyota Genuine Rubber Floor Mats are easy to clean and tailored to fit FJ Cruiser. The driver's mat is secured to the vehicle's floor using two retainers for added security, and has a raised lip to help catch mud or moisture in order to maximise the protection of your vehicle’s interior.

FJ Cruiser Front Vest Seat Cover

FJ Cruiser Front Vest Seat Cover

Toyota Genuine Vest Seat Covers are tailored from neoprene, making them water-resistant and hand washable. The Vest Seat Covers provide additional cushioning. They fit without straps and are compatible with seat-mounted airbags.

FJ Cruiser Nudge Bar - Alloy

FJ Cruiser Nudge Bar - Alloy

The Toyota Genuine Alloy Nudge Bar comes with a sturdy four-point attachment system, and is airbag compliant. It features a matt black powder-coated aluminium hoop. The nudge bar provides excellent ground clearance and approach angles to ensure maximum off-road capability, and extensive testing means it delivers optimum strength and durability.

FJ Cruiser Roof Rack System

FJ Cruiser Roof Rack System

If you’re planning to make the most of the outdoors with your FJ Cruiser, the Toyota Genuine roof rack system is just the thing to help carry the extra gear required. The aluminium basket-style Roof Rack System features tough aluminium tubing construction, which allows you to carry loads of up to 68kg. Its sliding front bar gives you the ability to attach the Roof Pod[F3], so the Roof Rack System can adapt to your different needs.

FJ Cruiser Rock Rails

FJ Cruiser Rock Rails

When you take your FJ Cruiser off road, the sill (lower body area under the door), doors and side of the body are vulnerable to damage from scraping and bashing against large rocks. Repairing this damage can be costly. Toyota Genuine Rock Rails are made from heavy duty-steel and are designed to protect your FJ Cruiser from damage that can occur when driving over rocky terrain by fending off the direct impact. Toyota Genuine Rock Rails are easily installed to existing vehicle mounts and are electro-deposition coated ("e-coat"-ed) to protect against corrosion. (Left and Right Rock Rails sold separately)

FJ Cruiser Towbar, Towball and Trailer Wiring Harness

Cruiser Towbar, ball & Trailer Wiring Harness

Towing a boat, caravan or trailer can cause load stress on your car and towbar, so it stands to reason that you use a towbar kit that is specifically engineered specifically for your vehicle. The Toyota Genuine FJ Cruiser towing kit (sold separately) is engineered and tested to withstand the rated towing capacities set specifically for the FJ Cruiser, so you can be confident that it will not fail, crack or damage under normal towing conditions. The FJ Cruiser Towbar kit has a formidable 2250kg braked capacity[G6] (750kg unbraked). Towbar, Towball and Trailer Wiring Harness[G6] - sold separately.

FJ Cruiser Headlamp Covers and Bonnet Protector

Headlamp Covers and Bonnet Protector

Toyota Genuine Headlamp Covers provide added protection from insects, stone chips and damage. They are tailored to fit your FJ Cruiser, and are made from high-strength acrylic, which is resistant to cracking and UV discolouration. Toyota Genuine Protectors are easy to remove for cleaning. Help protect your bonnet and paint from stone chips and other damage during daily driving and long trips with the Toyota Genuine FJ Cruiser Bonnet Protector. The Bonnet Protector is purpose-built for the FJ and constructed from high-strength acrylic, offering added strength and durability.

Headlamp Covers and Bonnet Protector (sold separately).

Protective Film Door Handle Paint Protection

Toyota Genuine Paint Protection is a high-grade, colourless urethane film which is pre-cut to fit the door-handle cups of your FJ Cruiser. Paint Protection maintains the condition of your vehicle by helping prevent scratches, which are unsightly and can reduce the resale value of a car.

FJ Cruiser Weathershield

FJ Cruiser Weathershield

Toyota Genuine Weathershields offer added weather protection and are lightly tinted to reduce glare. Made from durable UV and impact-resistant acrylic, they are tailored specifically to the body contours of your FJ Cruiser, so they fit and offer an integrated look. Left and right shields are sold separately.

Weathershield (sold separately).

FJ Cruiser Alloy Wheel Lock Nut Set

FJ Cruiser Alloy Wheel Lock Nut Set

Help protect your FJ Cruiser wheels from theft with Toyota Genuine Alloy Wheel Lock Nuts. The Lock Nuts are constructed of forged, hardened and tempered steel for structural integrity, and feature triple-nickel or zinc plating. All wheel locks are weight-balanced to the stock lug nut weight, eliminating the need for rebalancing after installation.

FJ Cruiser Family Motorist First Aid Kit

FJ Cruiser Family Motorist First Aid Kit

Ensure you are prepared with the Family Motorist First Aid Kit. Designed by St John Ambulance, it contains family-sized quantities of each item and an Emergency First Aid guide. The Family Motorist First Aid Kit is handy for family outings, sports events and trips away. There’s nothing like having the peace of mind should someone need medical attention. The kit can be easily refilled should you use up medical supplies. You can also chose to add anything else that you need for your individual medical needs.

FJ Cruiser Personal First Aid Kit

FJ Cruiser Personal First Aid Kit

It’s always advisable to have a first aid kit in the car because you just never know what lies around the next corner. Designed by St John Ambulance, the personal first aid kit features 16 different items, including an essential First Aid Quick Reference Guide and must-have medical supplies for the person on the go.

FJ Cruiser Audio Visual Unit with Satellite Navigation

FJ Cruiser Audio Visual Unit with Satellite Navigation

Find an easier route home with the guidance of the Toyota Genuine Satellite Navigation Audio System[N1]. Equipped with SUNA™[G7] GPS traffic updates the navigation system receives traffic updates 24/7, so it can navigate alternative routes around traffic congestion and landmarks can be displayed in 3D for easier recognition. The audio system allows you to play from some iPod®[G8] and iPhone®[G8] USB[G5] or CD, and the full-colour touch-screen display features a simplified audio track search and album jacket display (for some iPod®[G8] and iPhone®[G8]) as well as voice control function that allows you to select audio by the artist name (for some iPod®[G8] and iPhone®[G8]) or make phone calls.

Audio Visual Unit with Satellite Navigation[N1].

[P12] Some Toyota Genuine Accessories are not applicable to all models/grades. Please also consider the mass of your load to ensure you will not exceed the maximum allowable individual axle capacity, Gross Vehicle Mass and/or Gross Combined Mass of the vehicle. Refer to the Accessories brochure available from your Northpoint Toyota salesperson for details on warranty and vehicle payload, to help determine which Accessories are suitable for your vehicle. Pictured Accessories are sold separately. Accessory colours shown may vary from actual colour due to the printing process.