Toyota LC70  Accessories 

Toyota Genuine Accessories from Northpoint Toyota are designed to integrate perfectly with your  Landcruiser 70 for a better fit, styling and performance. They also meet Toyota's stringent engineering and testing standards for maximum quality assurance.



Cargo Barrier - Curtain Shield

LC70 Cargo Barrier 

Designed specifically for the LandCruiser 70 Series Troop Carrier and Wagon, these Cargo Barriers are securely fastened to help protect vehicle occupants from moving cargo in the event of a sudden stop or accident. Powder coated dark grey for corrosion resistance; the sturdy welded steel mesh construction is designed and tested to meet stringent Australian safety standards.

LandCruiser 70 Series, this rugged steel, Superwinch compatible Bull Bar

LC70 Airbag Compatible Steel Bull Bar

Engineered specifically for the LandCruiser 70 Series, this rugged steel, Superwinch compatible Bull Bar provides added protection for your 4x4. The Bull Bar's precise design allows for optimal airbag deployment and occupant safety. Powder-coated black to reduce corrosion, it includes two mounts for CB antennae and can also be equipped with matching Toyota Genuine Driving Lights and Side Rails. All sold separately.

LandCruiser 70 Series high grade polished Alloy Bull Bar

LC70 Airbag Compatible Alloy Bull Bar

Designed and engineered to provide increased protection for your LandCruiser 70 Series, this high grade polished Alloy Bull Bar is purpose built to carry the Toyota Genuine Superwinch (sold separately). Features include recessed fairlead mounting, large cable viewing area and a fairlead cover plate if a winch is not fitted. Mounting points for Toyota Genuine Driving Lights and two CB antennae are also included. The Alloy Bull Bar is fully tested for airbag compatibility, both with and without Toyota Genuine Accessories.

LC70 Superwinch

LC70 Superwinch

The Toyota Genuine Superwinch is the ultimate accessory for the workhorse or adventure-bound LandCruiser. Delivering a pulling capacity of up to 9000lb/4082kg, it is powerful enough to pull the vehicle through tough terrain, and is vital for anyone going off the beaten track. The Superwinch's galvanised wire rope comes equipped with a nylon sheath around its leading end to protect the vehicle's Bull Bar while its durable, rubberised hand remote control with water resistant toggle switch is designed for safe and dependable operation.

LC70 Driving Lights

LC70 Driving Lights

When driving on country roads at night, Toyota Genuine Driving Lights increase your range of vision, giving you more of a chance to detect potential safety hazards. For anyone driving long distances, they are an essential safety aid. Available in chrome or black, the Toyota Genuine range of Driving Lights are suitable for fitment to all Toyota Genuine Bull Bars.

Toyota First Aid Kit Personal Kit

First Aid Kit- Personal Kit

It’s always advisable to have a first aid kit in the car because you just never know what lies around the next corner. Designed by St John Ambulance, the personal first aid kit features 16 different items, including an essential First Aid Quick Reference Guide and must-have medical supplies for the person on the go.

First Aid Kit- Family Motorist Kit

First Aid Kit- Family Motorist Kit

Ensure you are prepared with the Family Motorist First Aid Kit. Designed by St John Ambulance, it contains family-sized quantities of each item and an Emergency First Aid guide. The Family Motorist First Aid Kit is handy for family outings, sports events and trips away. There’s nothing like having the peace of mind should someone need medical attention. The kit can be easily refilled should you use up medical supplies. 

LC70 Rubber Floor Mats

LC70 All Weather Rubber Floor Mats 

Toyota Genuine moulded Rubber Floor Mats are tailored to fit and help protect the interior of your Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series. All mats have an anti-slip backing and a raised outer lip to help contain mud, snow and moisture.

LC70 Bonnet Protector and Headlamp Covers

LC70 Bonnet Protector & Headlamp Covers

Add style to your LandCruiser 70 Series while helping to protect your bonnet from stone chips and scratches. Contoured to suit the new LandCruiser 70 Series, the high strength Bonnet Protector is constructed from UV resistant acrylic. Toyota Genuine Headlamp Covers are designed to help protect both your headlamps and your front indicators. The extra large design fits across all of the main lamps to reduce the chance of stone chips and cracks. Both of these durable, UV resistant covers are also easy to remove and refit for cleaning.

Toyota Tarago Alloy Wheel Lock Nut Set from Northpoint Toyota

LC70 Alloy Wheel Lock Nut Set

The Toyota Genuine Alloy Wheel Lock Nut Set means your alloys can be securely locked, protecting them from would-be thieves. The strong, premium-quality chrome-plated Wheel Nuts come with a unique secure coded key to lock the alloys in place without detracting from their style and appearance.

Lc70 Sunvisor

LC70 Sunvisor

Toyota Genuine Sunvisors are designed to minimise strong sunlight and glare, making driving more comfortable. The durable metal construction can withstand harsh elements and the Sunvisor can be painted to match your vehicle's exterior.

LC70 Side Rails

LC70 Side Rails

Designed to help protect your vehicle's side step and front fenders in rugged terrain and heavy-duty situations, Toyota Genuine Side Rails are constructed from high grade steel and are black powder coated for corrosion resistance. Choose from front fender protection only or front fender and vehicle side protection (pictured). Requires Toyota Genuine Steel Bull Bar.

LC70 Towbar, Towball and Trailer Wiring Harness

LC70 Towbar, Ball & Trailer Wiring Harness

Tow with confidence using this practical, tough towbar with a capacity[J8] of 3500kg (braked) and 750kg (unbraked). Tested and approved by Toyota engineers, and black powder coated for corrosion resistance, the Toyota Genuine Towbar meets stringent Toyota safety and design standards. Image shown does not include Wiring Harness. Towbar[J8], Towball and Trailer Wiring Harness.

LC70 Heavy Duty Roof Racks

LC70 Heavy Duty Roof Racks

Perfect for carrying those long and awkward loads, these durable commercial strength Toyota Genuine Roof Racks with extra large crossbars are available as a 2 bar set with 3rd bar optional. Toyota Genuine Heavy Duty Roof Racks feature black anodised extruded aluminium, a rubber bump strip on top to protect your cargo, and plastic end caps for safety. Compatible with many commonly available roof rack accessories.

Toyota Audio Visual Unit with Satellite Navigation

Audio Visual Unit with Satellite Navigation

Find an easier route home with the guidance of the Toyota Genuine Satellite Navigation Audio System[N1]. Equipped with Suna™[G7] GPS traffic updates the navigation system receives traffic updates 24/7, so it can navigate alternative routes around traffic congestion and landmarks can be displayed in 3D for easier recognition. The audio system allows you to play from some iPod®[G8] and iPhone®[G8] USB[G5] or CD, and the full-colour touch-screen display features a simplified audio track search and album jacket display (for some iPod®[G8] and iPhone®[G8]) as well as voice control function that allows you to select audio by the artist name (for some iPod®[G8] and iPhone®[G8]) or make phone calls.  Audio Visual Unit with Satellite Navigation[N1].

Load Distribution Hitch

LC70 Load Distribution Hitch

Genuine Accessory Load Distribution hitches improve vehicle control and stability when towing. The Toyota Load Distribution Hitch (LDH) assists in correctly distributing the towball down load back over the front axle of the tow vehicle. Toyota LDHs are designed and tested to meet the Australian Design Rule strength standard and stringent Toyota system durability standards. A Toyota Genuine Load Distribution Hitch helps ensure there is no damage to your vehicle or Toyota Genuine Tow Bar and leads to improved handling and an overall safer towing experience. Safety chains are omitted for clarity.


LC79 Toyota Genuine Canvas Seat Covers

LC79 Toyota Genuine Canvas Seat Covers

High quality and hard wearing Toyota Genuine Accessory canvas seat covers are available for the new Toyota LandCruiser 79 Series. The covers use a heavy duty, waterproof canvas material that protects the vehicle seat from day-to-day spills and general wear and tear. The material is washable, and minor stains can be easily cleaned with a wipe. As with all Toyota Genuine Accessories, the covers are designed to fully comply with the vehicle's other functions, which means they do not impact its ADR compliance and will not impede the function of seat adjustment mechanisms, seat belts, head rest restraint and the child restraint anchorage.

LC79 Toyota Genuine Tray Bodies

LC79 Toyota Genuine Tray Bodies

The newly introduced Toyota LandCruiser 79 Series model is available with shorter versions of Toyota Genuine Tray Bodies to meet the unique requirements of the double cab chassis. The new shorter tray bodies are available in alloy and steel (with timber, flat steel or checker plate floor). All Toyota Genuine Aluminium Tray Bodies come with new 'Quick Lock' hinges, which are manufactured from automotive grade glass-reinforced nylon and incorporate a captive stainless steel pivot pin. Toyota Genuine Tray bodies are not just built to last. All are built to the safest standard and steel Tray bodies can even be colour matched to the vehicle for a streamlined, uniform appearance. Toyota Genuine Aluminium Tray Bodies are available in General Purpose and Heavy Duty variants and an extensive range of Toyota Genuine Tray Body accessories are also available.                  

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[P12] Some Toyota Genuine Accessories are not applicable to all models/grades. Please also consider the mass of your load to ensure you will not exceed the maximum allowable individual axle capacity, Gross Vehicle Mass and/or Gross Combined Mass of the vehicle. Refer to the Accessories brochure (available from your Northpoint Toyota salesperson) or visit for details on warranty and for details on vehicle payload, to help determine which Accessories are suitable for your vehicle. Pictured Accessories are sold separately. Accessory colours shown may vary from actual colour due to the printing process.

[B4] Reversing Camera, Rear View Monitor, Park Assist, Parking Sensors, Sonar Parking and Blind Spot Monitor are designed as driver assist devices only and should not be used as substitutes for skilled driving and/or safe parking practices. The area into which the vehicle is to be parked/driven must be visually monitored by the driver.

[N1] Current navigation mapping database encompasses major capital and primary national road networks as well as offering some coverage of regional areas.

[G7] SUNA™ GPS Traffic Updates are only available in metropolitan Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney; it operates from information provided by Intelematics Australia and may not cover all road incidents and congestion. Please see for details.