Batteries don’t last forever! Competitively priced Passenger and Commercial Batteries to suit your vehicle. Northpoint Toyota's range of Batteries are made especially for Australian driving conditions.

Northpoint Batteries by Supercharge

Northpoint batteries actually exceed the specification of the Genuine Toyota batteries.

Northpoint Battery Specifications:

  • Superior starting power, reserve capacity for performance vehicles

  • Specifically manufactures for Japanese Vehicles.

  • For heavy duty vehicle use.

  • Popular automotive, 4wd, Truck, Farm and Industrial.

  • Features Full 36-months* warranty

  • Fully sealed cover, minimizes water evaporation or leakage

  • Calcium expanded plates, superior grid strength against corrosion

  • EXG Technology

  • Maintenance-Free, "No need to add water"

Northpoint maintenance-free automotive batteries are designed using the advanced technology that can withstand the extreme driving conditions in Australia. The unique composition of the EXG calcium plates extends the battery's shelf or useful life and significantly reduces water loss. No need to top-up water, truly a "FIT and FORGET" battery.






Battery Maintenance Tips

We rely on batteries to withstand the heavy demands of normal vehicle usage - to get us through cold winter morning starts and keep delivering our comforts like electric windows, audio and navigation and air conditioning. Toyota Genuine batteries are high quality and reliable, and with regular battery maintenance checks you can maximise their life and performance:

  • Check that fluid levels are right

  • Check that the terminal clamps are tightly attached to the battery

  • Check that the battery clamps are securely holding the battery in place

  • Take extra care with older  batteries that are three years or more old

Northpoint Toyota Battery Test

At Northpoint Toyota, every time your car receives a scheduled Service, a Toyota Technician inspects the battery electrolyte level, the terminals and clamp for tightness and a diagnostic test on the strength of charge and general condition of the battery for you. That means we can identify a battery that is about to fail before it leaves you stranded. If necessary, a new Toyota accredited Northpoint battery that is appropriate for your vehicle and driving conditions can be recommended and installed on the spot - to help you get back on the road right away.

Avoiding a dead battery

Remember to turn off your headlights and interior lights when the engine isn't running. Take the car out for long drives on a regular basis - short trips that constantly require the engine to be turned off and restarted will drain your battery without allowing the vehicle's electrical charging system sufficient time to recharge the battery. Leaving your car inactive for a prolonged time will slowly discharge the battery.