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Northpoint Toyota offer great deals on car servicing for most Makes and Models.
We will beat any Adelaide independent service quote for the same service by 5%
See below for all our current offers. 

 Northpoint Toyota's fully trained technicians are regularly   provided with advanced up to date training direct from the manufacturer utilising Toyota Genuine Parts and Accessories. We service your  vehicle using the latest technology and tools ensuring your vehicle is kept in optimum condition & safety.

Current Service Offers

Servicing your vehicle is the best way to protect its value. A full service history can help you achieve a stronger resale value when you want to change, and the professional services you receive from Northpoint Toyota will result in confidence and peace of mind.

99 Point Inspection & Report

99 Point Inspection Offer

Ensure you check your vehicle is running efficiently, fault free and safely with an extensive 99 Point Inspection. You also get a Wash & Vacuum and Free $50 Service Voucher.

+ 99 POint CHECK LIST 

99  Point Inspection  Check List

99 Point Inspection Voucher Offer

Test Drive

Wheel alignment / pulling
Engine performance
Engine smoke
Engine rattles
Transmission performance
Brake pulsation
Noise / Rattles


Seat Condition
Seat Rails and adjustment
Seat Belts
Air Conditioning
Boot Release
Bonnet Release
Window Operation
Window Tinting
Key / Remote operation
Door Check strap


Door Locks
Windscreen and window damage
Fuel Cap


Engine Condition
Timing belt replacement
Battery level / Test
Ignition leads - visual only
Radiator - Visual only
Radiator cap
Coolant hoses
Coolant level and condition
Fan Belts
Oil level and condition
Oil leaks
Engine mounts
Fuel system
In-line fuel filter
Air filter
Pollen filter
Exhaust system - visual only

Wheels & Tyres

Tyre wear
Tyre suitability
Wheel rims and studs
Spare wheel / jack tools

Electrical & Instruments

Parklights / Number plate lights
Stop Lights
Reverse lights
Instrument lights
Interior lights
Warning lights
Oil pressure gauge
Water temp gauge
Fuel gauge
Windscreen wipers & washers operation
Windscreen wiper blades
Heated rear window
Fan/Demister operation
Hazard warning
Electric windows
Cruise control
Starter motor
Ignition switch

Brakes & Steering

Brake pads/shoes remaining (mm)
Brake discs
Brake drums
Brake function
Brake fluid levels
Brake system for leakage
Brake flexible hose
Steering box/ Rack
Ball joints
Shock absorbers
Front wheel bearings
Rear wheel bearings

Transmission & Drive Gear

Gear box / Transfer box operation
Clutch operation
Clutch fluid level
Automatic Transmission operation
Auto Transmission fluid level/condition
Rear axle/ Front axle
Universal joints & Propshafts
CV joints and boots


In addition to the 99 point check, if you have any special requests or we find any issues with your vehicle that require attention (upon notifying you), we're offering hourly labour rates below our current staff price at just $99 per hour. 

 Passenger Service POA*

30 Point inspection and report
Replace engine oil
Replace oil filter
Check brake pads and rotors
Check all oil & fluid levels
Check air conditioning temp performance
Complete vehicle inspection  report
Wash & vacuum vehicle
Road test vehicle

 Commercial Service POA*

30 Point Service
Replace engine oil
Replace oil filter
Check brake pads & rotors
Check oil & fluid levels
Check air cond temp performance
Complete vehicle inspection report
Wash & vacuum vehicle
Road test vehicle

$150 Diesel Injection Service

Fuel system disconnected
Flushing rig connected
System flushing solvent circulated via injector rails & injectors
Carbon & fuel residue build up removed
Additive circulated
Spray pattern & fuel economy improvement



* Service pricing on different make and models can vary so stating POA rather than an actual price must be stated.

POA  services offers apply to:

Vehicles over 4 years old or not under TSA, excludes V8 engines and vehicles with synthetic oils, services will be stamped on the rear of the previous service coupon. 
30 Point Health Check applies only to Toyota Vehicles manufactured from 2006 until present. 

[B] Free 30 point Inspection - Inspection and report only. Additional parts and labor costs outside of appraisal not included.